The Fundamentals

The productivity coaching program is designed to maximize your potential.

Ultimately this will lead you to become the best version of yourself that you can be while achieving your desired business and personal goals.



The coaching program offers a series of valuable tools, resources, experiences, and coaching opportunities such as: One on One Coaching, Group Coaching, Masterminds, Mega Agent Interviews, Script & Role Play, Power Hours, Contests & Recognition, Additional Training Opportunities, Private Facebook Community and much more.



How Does It Work?

New agents to the Coaching Program will be matched with one of our amazing coaches.
You will work with your designated Productivity Coach until you Cap and begin earning 100% commissions.
Then we shift gears into more skill sets and strategic tactics to gain momentum and build a relationship based business for the long-term.

What about compensation?

Every agent who enters the program will have two options. They can begin on an 80/20 commission split vs. the traditional 70/30 with Keller Williams Realty. The coaching program receives 10% from the Gross Commission Income from any transaction. The KW Fort Mill market center believes in YOU as well as the program so much that we have decided to “absorb” the cost of coaching on the front end. This simply means you will net the 64% you otherwise would have from all transactions whether you were in coaching or not. The only difference is, instead of 30% going towards your company dollar cap – it is now 20%. This simply means you keep more money in your pocket on the front end, and it may take you a few more closed transactions to cap on the back end. The advantage is you get coaching that does NOT take any money out of your pocket from Day 1. The second option is for the agent to remain on the 70/30 commission split and the 10% coaching fee comes out of their portion, resulting in a net of 54% of the total GCI. The advantage here is that it preserves the same volume/units needed to cap rather than potentially delaying it by a few closings.

What about the expectations?

The expectations are outlined in the Coaching Contract as well as our weekly PC Program overview, but ultimately we are committed to holding you accountable to the goals and “big why” you have set for yourself. This is done by expecting you to be engaged in the program, reporting your numbers on time every Monday by 12pm, and keeping an open mind to trying new things and remaining coachable. At the end of the day, the coaches are here to serve you and stand up for your greatness and assist you in overcoming any obstacles or limiting beliefs you may face. The only way we can fully do this is by having your 100% participation, engagement, vulnerability and accountability.

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